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A Level / IGCSE

A Level / IGCSE Subjects

Chemistry online classes

Chemistry classes are available online which means you can take them anytime or anywhere.

Physics online classes

Many people are turning to Physics online classes for O Level because it is convenient and affordable.

English Literature online classes

English Literature is a fascinating subject that helps students to develop a better understanding of the world.

English Language online classes

When it comes to preparing for English Language exams, having the right kind of study material is essential.

Maths online classes

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular as a way for students to prepare for their Maths online classes.

Computer Science online classes

The computer science (CS) discipline is one of the fastest-growing fields of study, has some of the highest paid jobs.

Business online classes

One way is through online business classes that cover a variety of topics and offer flexibility in scheduling.

Economics online classes

Economics online classes for O Level are the final exams that students take before they can advance to tertiary education.

Accounting online classes

Accounting online classes for O Level are a great way to get ahead in your studies. These courses will teach the student more about this important topic and help them prepare for exams.

Psychology online classes

Psychology online classes are beneficial for both students’ exam preparations, as well as for understanding the subject matter in more depth.


A-level Sociology provides a range of essential, transferable skills including analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking and research.

Pakistan Studies online classes

Pakistan Studies online classes for O Level are the perfect way to learn about the history of country without ever leaving your home.

Islamiyat online classes

Are you looking for a way to study for your Islamiyat online classes for O Level that won’t require you to get out of bed early or skip out on social events?

World History

Learners Academy offers the opportunity to study world history from the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Urdu Literature

This First Language syllabus develops learners' ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively.

Environmental Management online classes

Environmental Management can help you to learn the ins and outs of environmental management.

Urdu Language online classes

The knowledge and skills that are needed in order to succeed in one career may not be enough for another.

Global Perspectives

The syllabus: develops learners’ ability to consider significant global issues from different perspectives.

Law online classes

Law online classes for O Level offered by the Learners Academy that allows you to keep up with your professional or personal obligations.

Commerce online classes

One such class is the Commerce online classes for O Level offered by Learners Academy.

Geography online classes

Geography online classes for O Level are designed to help you reach your goals and easily get the qualification you need.

Biology online classes

One subject that has seen a particular surge in popularity for online education is biology.

Statistics online classes

Statistics online classes for O Level is one of the most commonly used science skills in today’s world.

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