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SHORT ABOUT Learners Academy

We provide online courses for IGCSE /GCE O Level, A level CAIE exams

Learners Academy has been providing guidance to students both Local and International since 2016. A wide range of resources and qualified teachers for all grades and courses starting from IGCSE online tuition in Pakistan to A level Online Courses. We aim to improve the English Language competency for all Pakistani students.

The main concern with online courses is that it does not provide access to an experienced teacher such as a tutor, if the student should need extra help, this could be problematic. Learners Academy also provides Live IGCSE online tuition in Pakistan for Students who are unable to attend classes due to health or other constraints. Our A Level lessons are designed according to all A Level syllabi available internationally, which means that students will not have any difficulty in completing A Level, A2 A Levels or Cambridge A level education.

We can say without a doubt that we are one of the most prestigious academies with the most qualified teachers in Lahore. Providing IGCSE/A-level online tuition alongside A-level online tuition is an added advantage as both of these qualifications are prerequisites before applying to universities including Punjab University, Karachi University, and others around Pakistan.  A huge number of A Level students study with Learners Academy. A lot of A level students are studying IGCSE with us, which puts them on the right track for A level classes.

What you need to know before taking IGCSE exams (IGCSE & O Level)

Firstly, A-level exams are 3 hours long and cover about 10 A-Level/IGCSE subject areas. A-levels are usually taken in year 13 of secondary school, but they can be taken at any time. A-levels are typically divided into three categories:

O-Levels are another form of secondary school qualification that consists of nine compulsory subjects (four compulsory core subjects, four compulsory additional subjects), with some optional subjects available. A student can take O-levels in years 11, 12, or 13 of secondary school; O-levels consist of one examination per subject, with marks ranging from A* to E.

Lastly IGCSE exams are set internationally by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a department of Cambridge University. The IGCSE curriculum is accepted in A*A*A A2 A levels, but not A1 A levels. They are an alternative to the GCE O-Levels and can be taken by international students who wish to enter British Universities at the 18+/19+ level for undergraduate courses.

Learners Academy offers Online Tuition Classes for IGCSE, A Level & SAT exams. Learners academy’s online tutoring classes are well known throughout Pakistan due to their success with all grades starting from O levels till CAIE & A level coaching. Our Online classes relieve students of the burden of travelling , sitting in class tutor teaching and give them 24 hours access to our world class library and study material. This way we help students achieve their A level and IGCSE goals. We offer IGCSE online tuition in Pakistan, A-level online tuition in all grades, and provide SAT exams coaching to A1 A2 A3 grade students.

Learners Academy offers a unique learning experience to students by combining both self-learning and one-to-one tutoring. Learners Academy’s online tutoring system helps international students prepare for their IGCSE, A Level, and SAT examinations. Learners Academy also provides a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where students can complete homework or participate in group discussions with their peers from all over the world. Learners Academy has been assisting innumerable learners in achieving excellence by providing them with a supportive team of educators. The team of expert teachers at Learners Academy is able to work with the learners to provide an opportunity for them to excel in their subject of choice.

The world at your fingertips

We provide various tools to help you learn, including videos , tutorials , worksheets and more. If you’re not sure how something works or even what to study, then take a look at our recommendations. You can find the subjects that relate to your target exam boards here; simply select the country which you wish to receive your education from. When it comes to international exams, we’re pretty confident that nobody can beat us.

How? Well, due to our expansive network of qualified tutors and experienced IGCSE/A Level subject specialists, who make it their life’s work to help students achieve the best grades possible. In fact, many students don’t even attend a brick-and-mortar school because they know that this sort of one-on-one attention is indispensable in achieving academic excellence. You’ll get exactly what you need from our team of experts: a personalized education based on your level and desired end result.

Learning at Learners Academy takes place outside the traditional school setting, which means you have more flexibility when it comes to managing your time and daily routine. This can be particularly appealing to students who are overworked, have a tight schedule, or want to further their education while holding down a job.

Our IGCSE online tuition in Pakistan also helps students prepare for exams. Whether you’re revising for the upcoming International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (A-Level), or any subject in between, our qualified instructors are here to help! We offer IGCSE/A Level courses online and offline across several subjects, so choose your desired course to get started today.

We know that your time is valuable, which is why we provide the option of out-of-class learning through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This learning platform combines video lessons, exercises, and interactive resources to help you study more efficiently. Our tutors also upload course notes and exam papers as part of their courses, making it easier for students to approach their work with the tools they need.

You can keep track of what you’re studying by creating a personal schedule that outlines your learning goals for each week. You’ll be able to see how much you’ve completed and where you might need some extra guidance. And because we understand that everyone learns differently, we give you several ways to interact with our team of online instructors: through discussion boards, live sessions, and email correspondence.

Are you ready to take the next step in your academic career? Whether it’s IGCSE/A Level or A Level, we’re here for you. Sign up today to get started or contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the course structure before enrolling. We’d be happy to help you discover your educational potential!

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