Global Perspectives online classes for O Level / A Level

Global Perspectives online classes for IGCSE / A Level

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Feel confident exploring key global issues from multiple perspectives with Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Global Perspectives, a brand new resource from Cambridge University Press to support the study of the Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Global Perspectives syllabuses, for the first examination in 2018.

Taking a completely skills-based approach, and written by a Global Perspectives specialist, the digital edition is structured around the key skills students must demonstrate, with references to relevant syllabus set topics. Each chapter contains multiple activities to encourage active engagement, assessment practice opportunities, and differentiation support.AS Level Global Perspectives has an examination component, so one of the most focused ways to understand how well you will do in the final assessments (exams) is to complete some past papers, mark them and reflect on your strengths and challenges. Then repeat the process. Visit the exam board’s website and look for past papers, mark schemes, and examiners’ reports. All these documents will be helpful in honing your skills in this subject. As this dynamic course is so rooted in global issues, it helps to stay aware of the issues we face at a local, national and global level.

There are endorsed textbooks that are closely aligned to exam board courses and these will be the best resource to use as a scaffold for learning. Each exam board also suggests other textbooks and resources for each subject course. The choice of books for teaching and learning is yours, but I have always relied on one or two endorsed textbooks, and then used other resources to supplement my own learning and teaching. ​Using an endorsed textbook alongside the syllabus or specification is always my first strategy in teaching or tutoring AS and A Levels. Then I look through the online resources to supplement and complement what is being learned, and I am constantly researching new resources.

Global Perspectives can become such an individualized course, depending on where it is being taught in the world. So, it is going to be far more useful to research relevant and high-quality websites when you know what you are looking for. Use the syllabus and the CAIE-endorsed book to guide your learning, research, and reflection on this valuable AS and A Level course.

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