Piano Removalists Adelaide

Ensure Safe Travel Of Your Beloved Piano

A piano is one of the important, heavy and costly item in our homes. The average weight of the piano is around 300-500 IBS, it could be more but somewhere a piano weight is in this category. Because of the heavyweight and delicate design of the piano, it is quite difficult to relocate it. Relocating a piano is a huge responsibility and a tough job, if you’re looking for a piano removalists in Adelaide to relocate your piano in time and safely, you’re at the right place.

Best Movers Adelaide is a number one piano removals Adelaide, we have been doing this job for more than a decade. At Best Movers Adelaide we have hired an expert piano movers Adelaide and provided them tools, pully, trolley, slider, belts and bags. We know how to take care of your belongings, all you have to do is watch us, how we relocate your piano like a feather.

Piano Removals Adelaide
Piano Removals Adelaide

What To Expect From Piano Removalist Adelaide?

The important question which may have stuck to your mind would be that why should you trust us and hire us to relocate your precious piano. We know in this cynical world everyone is looking at their profit and we’re also one of them.

However, the difference between other piano removalists and us is that we don’t do this only for the living, vacating house is a crucial time in which every homeowner wants to move to the new place on time and without any hassle. We understand the importance, therefore we have designed a new way of removing each and every item gently and accurately. In the end, all we can say is that, choose us to see the difference.

  • Piano Removals in Adelaide provides affordable rates of piano relocation and removal facilities of all sorts in and around Adelaide.
  • Our service is pretty reliable, and all of our expert movers have a genuine experience and proper piano lifting and relocation training.
  • Piano Removal Adelaide promises that it is always on time and follows the rules to a fixed schedule for shifting the piano to a new location.
  • Our piano movers can handle any and every type of piano you might own with ease.
  • Our piano movers can easily handle any kind of piano you have.
  • All our moving trucks are well equipped and do not cause damage to the piano; we have various trucks for various types of pianos.

How We Relocate The Piano?

The piano removal process isn’t an easy job, it requires proper technique, tools and precision for a safe relocation. Here you can read, at (Company Name) how we proceed with the piano relocation.

  • Usually, our Piano Removalists use a wheeled trolley, better known as a dolly, to help roll the piano from place to place.
  • Six wheeler dollies are much more convenient as it comes with their own shock-absorbing system that helps move your piano over any kind of flooring. The important reason for using these dollies is to make sure that there is no damage to the piano while moving it.
  • While shifting the piano to a Dolley, each person who’s moving it holds the corner and gently keep the piano legs on the dolly. After that, they hold the piano from both sides to stably shift it to the truck.
  • Before shifting the piano to the truck we tightly tie the piano on Dolley. After that, we cover the piano with a fine leather protection cover, so that it provides a cushion to the piano.

This is how we complete the piano relocation, once we reach the destination we gently shift the piano to the new place safely and securely.

Piano Removalists Adelaide
Piano Removalists Adelaide

Why Choose Us For Piano Removals In Adelaide?

We believe in serving clients with quality and genuine home removal service. We manage to serve the clients with quality service. Our Best Movers Adelaide is a professional piano mover, which separates us from any random moving company in the region. If you get in contact with any other mover who claims to be able to shift your piano, you may be at risk of causing damage to your precious piano.

Here we are a certified company with an experience of over a decade.  We must make sure that your piano is safely packed, transported and relocated to your new home. For booking, you can call on our toll-free numbers or you can also book the service online.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Choosing Our Company.

  • Assured quality services.
  • Same day piano removal Adelaide service.
  • Seasonal discount.
  • Affordable price.
  • Additional 10% discount for senior citizens.

What you’re waiting for? Book our service now and avail all the benefits

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